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Mayada Dinno

White Fabric



With a creative mind and a background in art, Mayada Dinno, the founder of Maya Arts, started her business with many ideas that focused on glass painting and personalized art. Although she was able to use other techniques, she believed that the essence of her work could be captured best if she worked every piece of her art by hand. After she received much attention for her creativity and attention to cultural details, she decided to share her talent with the rest of the world through her handmade artwork. Now, she devotes a good portion of her time to her family and the demands of Maya Arts.



With the Middle Eastern culture in mind, we have designed many art pieces to represent the common theme of religious buildings like mosques and churches as well as some of the most well known monuments and attractions that are found in many of the Arab countries. Over the years we have extended our themes to cultures other than the Middle Eastern culture, per our customer requests. We have completed designs that are immersed in the Mexican culture, Chamorro culture, Indian Culture, etc. We take pride in being able to represent all cultures around the world with our personalized art.


While the majority of our work is specific to handmade porcelain and glass art, we have created many art pieces using techniques in resin art, laser cutting, acrylics, heat press and sublimation, and heat transfer. This variety of methods helps us accomplish more ideas that suit the taste and personalization of our customers. Some of our custom orders involve just a single technique to complete the project, but many of other orders include a combination of these techniques to achieve the level of satisfaction that our customer expects.

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